BKD. Baking for kids.

I'm going to be completely honest with you (as if I needed to tell you that): I hate baking. Before Lil, I was master baker (snort) and then I had her and I just lost it. All my cakes were shit. My cooking skills became immense but I had turned into a shit baker.

Not much has changed, I'm slightly better than shit these days but I have a way to go before I can enter TGBBO. Lil, on the other hand, would bake every day if I had the patience. But I don't. So I limit it to once a fortnight. I can't bear the mess.

You can hide from it anymore, Christmas is coming!

So when I heard about BKD, I got excited. BKD is run by the gorgeous Mama, Adelle who not only provides all the equipment (including aprons) and ingredients at the baking classes she holds (for kids and their mamas) but she also does all the cleaning up! Talk about SUPERMA!

Classes are for children aged 2 and up and are held in London on Regents Canal. They last around 2 hours and are such a great way to meet new Mums while teaching your little one a new skill.

Christmas baking class? Book here.

If you're yet to bake with your little ones, here are a few good reasons to start...

Helps to improve reading and maths skills
Encourages children to see a task through from beginning to end
Listening to instructions aids concentration
Planning and making choices teaches responsibility
Creates a curious and positive association with food Improves motor skills – both fine and gross
Demonstrates the value of working as a team and taking turns
Builds confidence, self esteem, they feel a sense of accomplishment
Nurtures relationships and promotes bonding
Creative endeavours fuel kids’ imaginations
Organisational and time management skills are learned
Knowledge of food hygiene and cleanliness is vital for wellbeing
Baking gives kids a lifelong skill

Lil and I are signed up to a Christmas class and we can't wait to get messy. Fancy it? Go and check out dates here.

For more info on the beautiful baker and her delights, pop over to BKD. There's a blog too.

BKD is on Twitter and Facebook.

This is not a sponsored post.

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