Mum flu.

Yo yo yo. I feel like shit, it's been a long time coming. For three weeks I've felt under the weather and then this morning I woke up with mum flu. Full blown waaaaaaaaaaaah I'm dyyyyyyying mum flu. Marvellous. And then I had to get my sorry ass dressed to have blood taken which isn't much fun anyway but when you have mum flu, well...

Luckily, I was child free so I used the day wisely. I moped and sneezed and weeped and generally felt very sorry for myself. Much like how my husband does when he has the sniffles (ok maybe that's unfair, a bit). Still, having mum flu doesn't necessarily mean you can take a few days off to spend in bed does it?

So that's where we are at. I've done zero work this past week, haven't even thought about it. My mind has been on that bastard merry go round I told you about. I haven't bothered to write posts on here (I'm overwhelmed by how much I need to and want to tell you all... NO MUM I'M NOT PREGNANT) or even think about what to get who for Christmas. It's all gone a bit meh round here.

Obviously not meh enough for a selfie or two...

Anyway, a pointless post moaning about having mum flu. Next week... fab jewels, the cutest kids clothes and the simplest cake pop recipe.

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