I'm all about The Sisterhood, mums supporting other mums whether it's their blog, shop or just being there for another mother. Motherhood is hard enough as it is without being judged. We're all in the same boat, let's be nice to one another yeah?

blogs I read

the airing cupboard / the stork and the beanstalk / the double mama pass the gin / gas and air / the mini post / abigail and the future / something i made / the homemade mama /
mother of all lists / bone white china

mum stuff shops run by mums

Mère Soeur / MAD life / the fourth trimester / lara and ollie / cult of youth / the yes mum cards / Sian Jordan Art / mamma and mini

kid stuff shops run by mums (or dads)

Kyna Boutique / Cissy Wears / Sidneyboo / Archie's Boutique / Mini Magpie Kids / om baby clothing / Scout & Co Kids / go outside the lines / Back to Beyond

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