Rave - A - Roo

I'm pretty ashamed to admit that I've never been to a rave. I know, it's atrocious isn't it... I'm righting that wrong in the next school holidays albeit at a kids rave (that is also for parents). After my hellish day I decided that we are going to make plans for every day of the upcoming school holidays and god help me trying to plan stuff for the three week hellidays at Easter.

Anyway, raves.

Rave - A - Roo is "a new clubbing mash up of festival fun for all the family" babies included. So that'll be me and the girls' first time raving. Rock on. Or should that be rave on? Launching at the Ministry of Sound, this rave is literally for the whole family... grandparents too (no pets though) and it'll be full of cool stuff for the kids to do (think UV tattoos, confetti mayhem, neon craft, glow chill room) and stuff for us parents too (A BAR... PIZZA!) and professional security in case the little ones try to break out.

It sounds like it's going to be a pretty cool afternoon and hopefully will contribute to an early bedtime for the kids. Anything that contributes to an earlier bedtime gets the thumbs up in this house...

When: 19 Feb Where: Ministry of Sound, London Time: 1pm or 4pm
Buy tickets here.

Now I'd better go search the internet for rave appropriate clothing.

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