Lego Friends: Girlz 4 Life

My social calendar these days is pretty dire. I forgot just how exhausting babies are and the last thing I really want to be doing after a bad night is making plans and going out, I mean... I'm a complete lightweight these days.

The girls, however, well... it's embarrasing really. Most recently, Lil was invited to the screening of Lego Friends: Girls 4 Life at Warner Bros. We are a big fan of Lego in this house, all of it. Sports car Lego, Disney Princess Lego, bog standard bricks... we don't discriminate, so of course when I asked her if she wanted to go she immediately said yes.

I'm not in the know with all these different legos (is that how you say it? or is it "different lego" minus the 'S'?), that's Daddys department, but he assured me that it would be good. So off we went to London.

The DVD, released just in time for half term on 15th February, is about a group of girls in Heartlake City whose friendships are tested when Livi, a popstar, comes to town. Livi's manager steals the hit song "Girlz" from the group of friends and as it skyrockets Livi to fame the girls wonder if once she knows the truth, Livi will do the right thing.

I should have just copy and pasted the press release shouldn't I? I'm not the best storyteller. Anyway, it's actually a really good film and Lil was glued from the beginning. The songs are super catchy and I've been humming them for the last few days and I can see exactly what we'll be doing in half term... learning allllll the words and dance moves.

This is Livi, I am jealous of her hair

The girls aren't maids, they're in disguise... y'know, off to kick some manager butt

We ate the most ridiculously delicious cupcakes, played with Lego, hung out in the photo booth... I am now the coolest mum on the planet according to her. Wahoo! So there you go, I am living out my social life through my four year old. And do you know what? This was way more fun than a bottle of wine and a hangover the next day, even if I did sugar crash in the car on the way home.

Straight in there with the colouring 

Here's the trailer, have a watch and if you want to win a copy head over to my Instagram.

A huge thank you to Warner Bros for the invite, you guys are the best!

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