Week 14

I started writing about pregnancy the first time from around week 30 something? I don't know, I can't be bothered to go back and check. Maybe I'll do this every week, if there is anything particularly exciting to report, maybe not if I'm too tired or don't have much to say (can you see how much effort I'm putting in here?!).

Well I have a few things to say about my experience of week 14.

I remember the nausea lifting with Lil around this time of the pregnancy, it still comes and goes now but it isn't an all day thing and it certainly hasn't been HG like last time. I wouldn't say my bump is really bump-like, more fucking hell she's been eating for seven. It's a wobbly belly really, not completely solid although it isn't as jelly-like as last week. I want all the food all the time which is nice after weeks of not being able to stomach it for fear of losing my insides. I've been getting acid reflux too, which has been ongoing since my mental anxiety breakdown last January, but again that's on and off and I've been trying to control it through diet (I'm completely off chocolate, cake and biscuits... unless they are treats from Cookie and Biscuit) but my GP told me it will get worse which I knew already. Brillz.

The tiredness isn't as severe as it was but a morning out and I'm pretty much done for the rest of the day. I really do need to start exercising, I've ordered this pregnancy yoga dvd  and once I've found a swimsuit that isn't vomit inducing then I'll start swimming again too. My mental skin is getting more mental by the hour and I'm hoping that will calm down with time (and costly skincare products and perhaps, laying off the garlic sauce...see below).

My patience is very thin at the moment and I'm snapping at my daughter on and off which leaves me feeling awful. I've started leaving the room when I feel agitation bubbling up and that's helping a bit. If you ask my husband how my mood has been, he'll tell you I've been pretty nasty and that I hate his guts at the moment which isn't true (the hating part, not the nasty part) but again it's all hormones and out of my control. Hopefully that'll lift soon.

I've been craving garlic sauce on chips all day long (explains the wobbly stomach) and sometimes Dr Pepper (NO WONDER my skin is shit), crying at the stupidest thing and ordering books on crystal healing because PREGNANCY. My 'quirk' last time around was cleaning the bathroom up to four times a day because I was obsessed with the smell of Cif bathroom spray, that's called pica I think? Or maybe it's just a pregnancy quirk, either way my bathroom was spotless all the time.  


Do I post a bump picture? Or is that corny? Photos of me pregnant with Lil were few and far between, I was not a fan of bump shots back then, or anything pregnancy related to be honest. This time, though, I've been searching #14weekbump shots on Instagram because I'm finding it fascinating just how different bumps can be at the same time of pregnancy. I've struggled with maternity wear, I feel very let down by ASOS (cross face) because usually I'm ordering clothes every week from them but their maternity range is pretty whack at the moment. I'm now living in H&M maternity leggings and in the hope that summer will arrive soon. Ok, here is a bump picture (mainly food I'd imagine after the amount I had just eaten in IKEA)...

Do you like my hat? £2 from IKEA

Yes, it's definitely just one baby in there. The bloat I'm experiencing this time is insane. Bloat / large amounts of food... same difference.

That's week 14, hardly riveting stuff but I got a new hat (and lots of plants) so that topped it off nicely. Perhaps I'll see you at week 15, perhaps.

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  1. Loving the hat and the bump! Congratulations,I remember the 'bump' second time around happened a lot sooner than number 1. Just embrace and keep eating the garlic chips x