Oh hi it's me again!

I uhmed and ahhed about whether or not I could be bothered to start this blog back up, especially after my dramatic speech in my last post. But now I'm not so exhausted and falling into bed at half eight every night, I've found that I'm still awake at eleven thirty with a whirring brain, writing blog posts in my head. So I thought, even if nobody actually reads it, I should have a place to brain dump and then perhaps I'll be able to get to sleep easier without relying on white noise (Nature Space app - Infinite Shoreline).

It would also be nice to document shit that goes down over the next 25 weeks so that my kids can compare just how much they put me through before they made their appearances in the big wide world. Catch up... I'm almost 15 weeks pregnant.

I started writing about pregnancy quite late with Lil so the majority of my posts were whining about aches and pains and later on, how she fucked me over by being almost two weeks late resulting in a pretty horrendous induction experience (more on that later, oh I have plenty to say now I've had time to reflect, again, on how shit it was and how this time will be different) and then just pure love followed by more moaning. But hey, that's motherhood.

So here I am, short on patience with lots to say about how things are this time around. Although the post I wrote in my head last night has now deleted itself (shout out to baby brain which never actually fucking leaves once you give birth to your first), I just decided I would brain dump and that there probably would be no structure to this whatsoever. I think I've bored the shit out of anyone who follows any of my social media accounts with all my reposts about pregnancy stuff and pictures of nothing in particular moaning about how large I feel already. So at least by starting this up again, I can relieve them of all of that.

Anyway! There are two women in my life at this very moment who are also pregnant. Both first time mums who have had me firing advice at them since the beginning of their pregnancies, both probably sick of my words of wisdom(!) and tips on various things. So again, I'll probably just write it all down on here so they can take it or leave it without offending me (I wouldn't get offended).

This post isn't really coming across as a happy post is it? Well it's supposed to be a happy post. I'm happy (gobsmacked in fact) that I'm up the duff because I didn't actually think it would ever happen again. I feel very blessed etc. But let's not drag on about all that. I'll finish up now, the next post will be less rambling and more actual words that make some kind of sense (I think).

I'm happy to be back here and on this new(ish) journey, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as last time.

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  1. You're back! Fabulous.
    Lovely to hear your news, gives some hope to a fellow solo Fallopian tube-er after my ectopic in March.
    Hope you can stick around this time, see how you go xxx