Things Change

When you fall pregnant it's not just your body that undergoes drastic changes, you'll notice a whole ton of other things changing too...

Your ability to give a shit: Whether it's what people think of you, what other mums are judging you for, comparisons (and there will be A LOT of those)... Just the general I suppose, you have more important things to worry about these days like piles, nipple chafing and your perineum. I've very rarely cared about people's opinions of me, Iv've never thought twice about telling people what I think or to fuck off for that matter... but once I fell pregnant with Lil that went to a whole new level. Embrace it, it's a skill you'll need in the coming years.

Your priorities: Suddenly, getting pissed up every weekend is the last thing you want to be doing. Instead, feasts in front of the telly seem more appealing and it won't be long before you're begging for leg rubs and hot bubble baths. You'll be snoring by 9pm, just you wait...  Always been one to watch your weight? Well then pregnancy isn't for you. While carrying a child isn't an excuse to pig out on junk food (ahem), you will gain weight and it's all for a good cause. So chill out and enjoy being able to let go, you can get back on your strict regimes once the baby arrives.

Taste buds / sense of smell: My sense of smell has always been on point but since being pregnant, it's out of this world. I can tell if my husband is wearing his stinky trainers (that will be going in the bin this weekend) the second he walks through the front door. I can smell lemons from a mile away (barf) and I don't even need to step outside the front door to smell the delicious chinese food from the takeaway down the road, I have super smelling powers. I used to have a massive sweet tooth but I can't stand anything sweet at the moment unless it's a banana, which is very unfortunate because we have A LOT of Easter chocolate left.

Tolerance of others: I used to have the patience of a saint, something that comes naturally to you once you have a child (most of the time), it must be the hormones but right now I just cant stand a lot of people, especially bullshitters (and I can smell those from pretty far away). Luckily for them, I'm biting my tongue (literally, it's pretty sore at the moment). I don't have time or the energy to deal with idiots who are fake to my face and then slag me off behind my back... and I know they're doing it, so if you're reading this and are one of those people, I've got you figured out. Stop it or eff off.

How you deal with illness: I've been a wuss when it comes to colds and coughs for a while but pregnancy and colds are two things that just do NOT go together (especially when you've been slacking with your pelvic floor exercises). You're already being zapped of all the good stuff by your growing baby then BAM you get a cold and the world ends. I'm currently on the sofa with the dog sneezing and coughing and spluttering, wondering how I'm going to get through the week with a long 'to do' list and places to be (all of which, I can't get out of). One word: DELEGATE. Regardless of whether or not you're pregnant, you won't get better until you rest BUT playing the pregnancy card (if you are pregnant, obviously) is one of the perks of the job so you damn well take advantage of that girl!

What changed for you when you were the duff? Is it your first time and you've found yourself struggling to hold your tongue? Tell me.

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