Etsy Love: Tawnie and Brina.

It's no secret I'm obsessed with Etsy. Most of what I buy these days comes from there! I'm always on the lookout for vintage clothes for Lil, her summer wardrobe is full of vintage goodness after I made a promise to myself to buy as little as possible unless it was from way back when. I'm doing well! I'm also always looking at jewellery and after spotting Tawnie & Brina on someones Instagram feed I was hooked instantly.

They're a no bullshit brand based in hip L.A (naturally) and their 'fuck off' necklace is so perfect... an essential, non?  They donate a percentage of sales to local 'no kill' animals shelters, Panthera organisation and marriage equality efforts. A jewellery brand with a heart.

Buy it here.

I've already started building my collection, their bracelets and rings are perfect for stacking (I always stack and layer in the summer) and I'm never taking my 'fuck off' necklace off ever again.

You can shop their jewels here at their Etsy store or find them here.

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