It isn't all blue skies...

Hello from the seaside. We've been here for nearly three weeks now and after Sky fucking up our internet, we currently have temporary internet access via some weird little black box while they try and fix the problem. Two weeks without internet access, only crappy 3G, was bloody hard. Even with the beach a five minute walk away...

It's nice living in a new place but with anxiety all up in my grill, I'm finding it hard to feel settled. Maybe it'll take time, we'll see. In the meantime, I seem to be spending the majority of my days nagging the two impossible idiots I live with. So much so that I'm considering packing a bag and leaving the country for a while. The terrible two's are ruining my life and my husband isn't making it any easier (neither is his Mother...) Thank heavens for other Mothers keeping me sane with their funny, tongue in cheek texts and Twitter with its sympathetic ear.

I'll be back in a bit with a proper seaside update with pictures and stuff, once my head is clearer and my child stops being a little shit (if ever). I thought living here would bring peace and calm into my life, turns out moving away causes more drama than you knew possible.

Soon, yo.


  1. Is nursery an option? Part-time? My kids behave so much better when they have some organised stuff to do during the day that does not involve me being present... Also, my mother always says that they are great when I'm not around, they only turn to moany little things the second I walk in the door. Some days I wonder why I go home at all if that's the case... But then on most days I know that kids just feel the most relaxed around their mothers so whatever is bothering them, they let it all out - no holding back.

    I'm not sure that comment helped at all but just letting you know you're not the only one who has an exhausting child.

    Hang in there. 4 is already a much better age!

  2. Oh blimey, I'm hearing you. Yesterday my husband came home to find me crying on the kitchen floor. I wanted to quit being a mum (and wife). I hate it more days than not. What a terrible admission. Maybe we should all club together (a fiver each?) And buy a really cheap desert island where we can all go and sob in peace. Or drink cocktails. I'm fed up of not making enough money, saying the wrong things to mae, being a 'bad mother'. Jeez, roll on 4 years then 'cos 2 and a half is pretty shit.

  3. Sorry to hear this. I would find it so hard to look after G all day long, it is sheer exhaustion!
    I hope you find a way to have some child-free time soon, even if it is a couple of hours here and there. I find that G is a nightmare during the day if she hasn't had a good night sleep, not sure this is Lilian's case, but if so, try to sort out the nights and the days will be easier (for her and you). I have a great sleep therapist who showed me the way, let me know if you want her details.
    Hang in there, Charlotte.

  4. I moved 10 minutes up the road from my old flat. 10 minutes, and I still remember very clearly feeling very isolated and alone. It will be good in time! I'll come and judge you mantle, all will be well.