Ta ta.

I'm going on holiday tomorrow so I thought I'd say 'see ya'. I shall have zero internet access so no tweeting or blogging, just lots of sunshine, a beautiful beach and my best girl. If you see a tweet or post, it isn't me.... it's scheduled, so if you leave a comment and don't get a reply then you know why (although I've been really slack with replies lately - I'm working on it).

Have a great week and no doubt I'll be back with a tan, a shit load of beads (going to Ibiza innit) and lots of photos you won't want to see. Along with lots of exciting posts about Autumn (are you bored yet?), things that have made our life easier just lately (some great new products) and (I hope, eventually) a post about feeling better (I gave in and got the pills).

I hope this is the beginning of a positive, happy season full of friends, laughter and wonderful memories.

See you soon xoxo


  1. I hope so too! Have an awesome time lady! I never be tired of autumn or September, theyre my favourite (other than spring) xx

  2. It will be the beginning of a positive happy time cos you're seeing more of me, innit!

    Love to all three of you, I can't believe you'll be twitterless for a WHOLE WEEK :( xxxx