Like Abigail, laundry is one of my favorite things to do. I love the therapeutic sound of the washing machine and the smell of clean, wet clothes. And being able to hang the laundry out is such a treat.

I never really thought about washing powder until just recently when Ecover sent some of their new Ecover Zero products for review. I've always used non-bio powder and sensitive fabric conditioner as I have sensitive skin and am worried that Lil will develop eczema as I did as a small child. Her washing is done separately to mine although I use the same products. She's never had any problems with them.

One thing I noticed about the new Ecover Zero products is that they are fragrance free. My first thought was that the washing would smell... odd. But in actual fact, it smelt clean. Very pleasant. Made from 30% water and approved by Allergy UK, I was impressed.

I've always used anti-bacterial washing up liquid because I'm a bit lot of an anti-bac freak. But then I read this...

There are two kinds of dirt, the good and the bad. The good (but ugly) dirt is something like the grass stains on your kids’ clothes or the muddy footprints on your floor. The bad (and equally ugly) dirt could be food leftovers on dirty plates or stains left in toilets. If this bad dirt is left this way, bacteria will start to grow. But you really don’t need harmful chemicals (such as ammonia and bleach) or antibacterial products to remove this type of dirt!

So now I know I don't need to use anti-bac products, I've switched to Ecover washing up liquid. And after realising my laundry is a lot softer using these products as well as being better for the planet (something which Lil will learn about over the next few years), I've switched my laundry products too.

The great thing about Ecover (aside from everything above) is that you can find your local supplier for refills on their website, meaning you don't have to pay for delivery or worry about pollution from getting the items delivered. It's cheaper to buy refills too, I've worked out we can save a lot of money if we buy big.

Mama's: give them a try. You can buy them here.

These products were sent for review, all opinions are my own and honest. A huge thank you to Ecover for sending us these great products and now we've switched to Ecover, saving us money!

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