A New Season.

My favourite season. Mulled wine (I start drinking it as soon as it hits the shelves in M&S), woolly hats, conker picking (is there even any point to it other than making great memories?), beautiful colours on the trees.... I could go on.

We have lots planned for the next few months and I'm very excited. Lil turns 18 months in October and because her birthday was a massive write off, we'll be celebrating this mini milestone.

I'm hoping her eating will improve, we still haven't made much in the way of progress but I live in hope.

On that note, here are a few things we'll be eating this week...

One-Pot Mushroom and Potato Curry
Black Bean Salsa with Tortillas
Sausage and Mustard Mash
Chorizo and Butterbean Stew
Things on Toast

Do you have any autumn favourites (food or otherwise?) I'm still compiling my list...

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