No glasses, little sisters and food.

Oh man, what a week. I've had so many emails to reply to and lots of writing to do but I'm waiting on my glasses to arrive (Lil broke the last pair, natch), without these I get a headache after ten minutes of looking at the computer (and most recently, my phone - I swear this kid has ruined me). So I've been avoiding all things to do with a computer which isn't normally how I operate and to be honest, I feel guilty. That and the constant need to keep Lil entertained with some mini projects (more on that later) has been tiring. I've been going to bed before 10pm every night and falling straight to sleep, that hasn't happened since I was pregnant. Oh.

I'm not pregnant.

Yesterday we watched one of my little sisters (I say little, she's taller than me) fly a plane and today we take another of my little sisters to university for the first time (sob). These kids grow up too fast, I'm telling you. My other sister is going to be twenty in a few weeks. God I feel old.

Before I skulk off to Bedfordshire with little sister no.2, here are a few things we'll be eating this week (still no luck on the eating front from Lil)...

American Blueberry Pancakes (I've made these before - they're amazing but if you're making for you and a little one, halve the recipe as they make a lot)
Banana Pancakes (recipe from an AMAZING food blog I've just discovered - I'm going to cook and bake my way through them all)
Baked Goats Cheese Salad with Lemon-Tarragon Dressing 
Lil's favourite - my homemade lasagne. If she doesn't eat that, I quit.

P.S Two great blog posts I've read on toddler eating this week from Sarah and Ashley - I'm definitely taking notes.

P.P.S I've started using a grocery list for food planning. Thanks for the tip Lia! Get yours here.

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  1. Oo that meal planner is such a good idea, I definitely need to do that to keep on top of our food budget and to save the whole, what shall we eat tonight dear monotony!

    On another note I just had my eyes tested the other day after what I can only think is something nearing 6-7 years since my last one...whoops. And I need glasses for close up work like sewing and computer, and I'm actually really excited! One to not get headaches anymore, and two because I've never worn them before p, what a novelty!