About us.

I hate these 'about' pages. I know they're obvious but I never know what to write.

I have two daughters, one is of school age and the other is a baby. Here are some cliches for you: I love being a Mum, am grateful I can have children, feel blessed etc etc. I also sometimes shout, swear and have really bad days when I just can't bear to leave the house because of crippling anxiety. 

I've never sugar coated my life or my opinions and never lied about just how tough having children can be. I am all about the sisterhood, supporting other mums for their choices and trying not to judge. Let's face it, we all have our moments.

This blog started as a diary, like most parenting blogs I guess, because I wanted to document the tough times and the wonderful times. I didn't know much about anything before I had my first daughter, it was she who really taught me about life and love (another cliche). I don't claim to be an expert (even though I'm onto child two and there are many, many parenting 'experts' who are yet to have one) because this is just one long learning curve ain't it?!

If you want to contact me then you can email me at onlysayingwhatyourethinking@yahoo.co.uk

Every product you read about or see on this blog isn't an ad, it's something I've bought and love and want to share with you so you can go show the mama who made it / runs it some love. If it's been sent to me for free, I'll make sure it's clear in the post.