I am a HUGE fan of blankets, you really can never have enough although ask my husband and he'll tell you otherwise. When I'm finally living my dream in the country (more on that soon), I'm going to have a huge basket of blankets in the lounge so people can help themselves to one and snuggle up in a corner or by the fire. DREAMY.

Anyway, blankets.

I came across Hollie on Instagram (where lots of mother love stories begin) and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with everything about her and her crazy knits and pom poms. Blankets, socks, hats, scarves, tiny baby crowns... and all so bright and colourful. And I proceeded to spend a ghastly amount of money on her wares because sometimes you just NEED to buy another blanket / hat / scarf, especially as winter seems to have arrived bang on schedule.

So I introduce to you FLORA FAIRWEATHER.

can you handle this cuteness because I can't

Hollie is mother to one cutie, living in a dreamy cottage in the Norfolk countryside. I'm yet to meet her but already know her personality matches the colourful woolly goods she produces. You only need to look at her Instagram to know she is one of the kindest, most fun people around and she just bursts with positivity. Everyone needs a bit of Hollie in their lives. And EVERYONE needs some of her colourful crochet in their homes and on their babies!

pom pom LOVE

Ember in her crochet crown - buy it here (the crown not the baby)

If you're looking for a pom pom class then keep an eye out on Hollie's instagram, she recently held one in London and the church next to her house in Norfolk and HOPEFULLY she'll be holding more in the new year. The rainbow bagels looked INSANE!

Hollie blogs over at Flora Fairweather and you can visit her shop here but be warned, you'll be parting with all your money. 

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