Full moon pregnancy ramblings

For a couple of months now, for some unknown reason, I've had a really strong feeling this baby is going to come early. I don't know why but I would bet money on it. Thirty six weeks is whirring around my head. That's not to say I want her to come that early but it's a week I'm fixated on, I can't shake it.

When I was pregnant with Lil, I had a similar feeling that she'd end up being born via the exit she wasn't intended for and I was right. I didn't attend any classes based around labour (or any other ones for that mater) because I didn't feel the need, I probably wouldn't end up needing to know about it all anyway and sadly I was right.

Anyway, I don't have that long left so I'm trying to enjoy(!) the time as much as I can because no matter how rough your pregnancy is you always miss it once you have a six month old and start feeling broody again. Luckily for me my sister, friend and cousin are all pregnant and due between October and January so there will be plenty of babies around to quash the broodiness for a while at least.

I digress. So I'm adamant she's coming early and when I looked up the full moon for September it turns out there's one when I go from 36 to 37 weeks. It must be a sign! I've always had my suspicions the moon is behind Lil's wild nighttime behaviour as when it's full, she plays up during the night... tossing and turning and shouting and crying in her sleep. Always when there is a full moon. And I can tell you when we're due one just going by her behaviour and I am always right. Obviously I could be very wrong about this baby and I will be slightly disappointed if I am because it will just prove that my intuition is shit. I'm willing to put money on it though...

I've read in the past that the effect of the phases of the moon seems to be particularly relevant in mothers who had birthed before. And that lunar energies last three days before and three days after a full (or new) moon, which creates a window for birth. So I have proof to back up my prediction!

When I was in the maternity triage at the hospital for some pregnancy drama or other, the midwife I spoke to told me the previous night had been crazy, they'd had 18 women go into labour! I told her it was probably because of the full moon and she agreed. She plots on her calendar when the full and new moons are so she knows to be prepared if she's working... so it isn't just me that believes in all this moon business.

What do you think? All nonsense? Did you have a baby on a new or full moon?

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