A school morning

6:30 Mum can I watch Youtube? No, it's time for breakfast. Can you help me wipe my bum I need a poo? Oh I don't need a poo anymore.
6:40 *eats breakfast at 1mph* Why do you think people are bad sometimes? Is it raining? Can I have a biscuit after my breakfast? Let's just finish our breakfast and we can talk about it while we are getting dressed.
6:50 *still eating breakfast* Mum, do you think I'll learn anything new today? Do you think Caitlynn Rose will have pigtails or plaits? Is it nearly the weekend yet? Less chatter more eating, we need to get ready!
7:00 *slowly finishes breakfast* Can I watch Youtube now? No. Do I have to get dressed? Yes. Can you get me dressed? No, you know how to do it yourself. I'm hungry. You can have a banana once you're dressed.
7:06 Mum can I have a snack? Once you're dressed. Are you going to have a shower? Yes. Are you going to wash your hair? Can I dry it for you? I washed it last night. Can I watch Youtube now? Yes for ten minutes.
7:20 What are you wearing today Mummy? Is it cold outside? Can I check the weather on your phone? Is the baby awake? No she's sleeping.
7:24 Shall I wear my wellies today? Is it going to rain? Your phone says it isn't but it's cloudy. It's not supposed to rain today, no. I want to wear my wellies.
7:29 I'm going to go and do some drawing while you get ready. Ok I'll be down in five minutes.
7:31 Mum are you nearly ready? I want to go to school now. Half an hour and we'll leave. Ok I'll count to 60 thirty times then shall I? Yes Lil, ok.
7:33 Is it time to go to school yet? NOT YET.
7:35 I'm hungry. Have a banana.
7:40 Shall we play Barbies? We don't have time now, later we can.
7:50 I'm just going for a wee. Is it time for school yet? Nearly.
7:54 I've washed my hands Mummy, shall we go now? Can you put my shoes on for me I'm tired. Can I do some colouring? Pop your shoes on and grab your book bag ready. Colouring later.
7:57 Do you want me to do the washing up for you? Is it time to go now? It's ok thank you, I'll do it when I get home. Almost time to leave!
8:05 I'm ready Mummy, can we go now? Yes, do you need a wee? No I just did one, I don't need a poo either. Ok I'll grab my coat.
8:10 *walks out front door* MUMMY I NEED A POO.

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