Look Mum, a snake!

We've kinda gone back to our co-sleeping ways just lately. Mainly because of the nightmares and terrors but also because getting up and down to see to her so many times in the night has broken me and is a pain in the arse.

She settles down quite quickly once she's in bed with me and some nights when she gets into my bed (not every night), she doesn't move. But last night was a different matter. According to Lil, there was a snake slithering around the room... 'Look Mum, a snake!' At first I thought she was just dreaming, then possibly hallucinating until I freaked myself out. A fucking snake in the room! Turns out it was a dream although she was pretty adamant she could see one.

There's nothing quite like settling back to sleep at 2am knowing, smugly, you have another five hours left of sleep. It's pretty blissful. And then... 'Mum, an owl is sitting there LOOK!' An owl. I knew that wasn't possible so I cuddled her back to sleep, telling her there was no owl...it's just a dream.


What is this kid on? She didn't eat anything she doesn't normally yesterday except for an ice cream. It couldn't have been that, could it? She's had more sugar than that in one day and it hasn't affected her other than she's bounced a little harder off the walls.

And then, tonight, we read Rosie Revere, Engineer and it clicked. That's where it came from! She'd pointed out a snake, a bumblebee and an owl in the story a few days prior. They had obviously stuck in her mind and she'd dreamt about them.

Kids and their imaginations.

Although I'm still not so sure about the snake.

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