Taking the plunge.

I've never been camping before - what can I say, I'm not the outdoorsy type. I like being outdoors, don't get me wrong, but sleeping in a tent outside has never appealed to me. I've always liked the idea of glamping though and after years of dreaming of a Featherdown Farm holiday, a few weeks back we decided to book one.

Hello, beautiful front garden.

We were greeted by Charlotte (what a babe - HELLO, MUM CRUSH) once we arrived at Lower Rodhuish Farm who showed us around and made us feel very welcome. My jaw kept constantly dropping at the beauty of our surroundings, how amazing the tent was... it was all overwhelming.

Our hens for the week, Marge and Dierdre.

We had a tour of the farm, fed the pigs, tickled the guinea pigs, sat in a tractor, made scrambled eggs from the eggs our hens laid, cosy candlelit nights eating chocolate and drinking local cider... we had a blast.

Picking apples for the 'greedy, greedy piggies...'

Overcoming her bird fear.

Such an amazing time was had by all of us, Lil was in her element at the farm. For those of you not so taken by the whole camping malarky... this is for you. I absolutely loved the whole experience and it's such a fun place to take the kids - there are Featherdown's all over the country too. We'll definitely be back.

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  1. GREAT post! I am a lot like you...just not a 'natural camper' BUT this looks like the perfect compromise! Great photos as well

  2. OH MY GAWD!
    I have to go there, no doubt about it! Off to google now, thanks love!

  3. Sounds awesome, shame it's way too far away!

  4. I was at lower rodhuish over the August Bank holiday. Like you it was my first featherdown experience and I am a convert.

  5. We stayed in that very tent in June! Its a lovely place. We stayed at another one last year and we are going to yet another one in a couple of weeks for the October Stew Weekend. I thought Paul was rather easy on the eye too ;-) LOVE it!