In her element and totally fearless.

This is the happiest I've seen her.

Fishing fun at Tarr Steps (she didn't catch anything)

Winston - resident at Exmoor Pony Centre

She was fascinated by this... a hoof picker.

Watching Winston getting his feet cleaned.

The view from Lynton. Breathtaking.

Lovely Lynmouth.

Sorry Derbyshire, but I think North Devon wins.


  1. I love Lynton & Lynmouth - we discovered that area this summer, it is beautiful!

  2. I'm from North Devon, so YAY! I had lots of friends growing up who lived in Lynton / Lynmouth and they have THE best fish & chip shop at the bottom of the cliff railway. Did you go on the railway? x

  3. Beautiful place :D I love this part of England I could say its my favourite, but its been a while since I been. Great pics.