Greetings from...

Well, not Spain that's for sure.

We cancelled the holiday, my gut was screaming at me not to go and then the doctor confirmed my motherly instinct so that was that. It goes without saying, always trust your instinct.

Lil woke up yesterday morning with an awful cold too so it's lucky really that we cancelled. Poor girl. Luckily, we can claim through the insurance so all is not lost (although the weather here is not helping me to stay positive).

The plan is to spend the week packing up most of our stuff, nursing Lil back to good health and spending some time at the seaside (weather permitting) and then.... finally, moving to the seaside. Now that I am positive about.

1 comment:

  1. Proving yet again just how much you kick butt at this mothering lark.

    Wait 'til you get to that super cool house of yours by the seaside, that'll definitely put a smile on your face. And a look of jealousy on mine. ;)