Wow, what a fucking bittersweet month.

My beautiful little baby turned three at the beginning of April, she had a simple day choosing a lunch of sushi and a spree in the Disney Store (naturally). I was feeling super shitty after the injection and ended up back in A&E but was sent home later that day and we gorged on tea at Sainsbury's and then (her 3rd - fatty) birthday cake at home. I was so happy she wasn't sick for the first time on her birthday, what a star!

The end of that week I was admitted into hospital to have the ectopic pregnancy removed after spending the day in a lot of pain with the tube threatening to rupture. They removed the damaged fallopian tube too and I've spent the past two weeks in a bit of a lull but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (in the form of booze and a holiday). I never, ever want to go through that experience again. The Universe can suck my balls for that one.

If one good thing has to come out of this month, it's that I woke up after the operation free from anxiety. It had started to make me really sick but it just vanished. I've still been worrying about things but I haven't felt crippled by them and I certainly haven't had any attacks - I hope it stays that way too.

I didn't know if I'd ever write another post, lack of enthusiasm and just a general lack of giving a shit really. But I quite like my little space to talk nonsense about being a Mum. A mum of one and a bloody good one at that, I'm very lucky. My pity party is over, much like this nasty month (almost) and I'm looking forward to the next party, one full of happiness and lots of fun.

Thanks for sticking by me you lot xxx


  1. Charlotte. I've hoped to hear from you again. What a horrid time. Glad there is light ahead of you. You are one of a number of internet mummy voices that help keep me sane in my own mummy space. Keep doing your thing, you rock! Steph (anonymous as I don't normally comment anywhere or have an account even!)

  2. So sorry you had to have the tube removed, so painful!
    Very exciting that Miss Lil wasn't sick for her birthday!