Dear Lilian...

Hello Bubs

You're nearly four weeks old now and weigh 9lbs 5oz. You take up every waking moment, even if it's just being so adorable I can't help but waste time staring at you. I looked at pictures of you from the day you were born the other night and got upset, you were a tiny little monster and now you're a real person. You've grown so quickly and it scares me to my very core. I sometimes wish I could freeze time and stay in a moment for months.

You have learnt how to pout, you enjoy listening the The Black Keys, you stare at the TV when Timmy Time is on... You snore too which is very endearing. Shame the same can't be said for your father...

You're so precious. I never thought I feel like this, it's overwhelming. I'd do anything for you, anything you asked (obvs you can't talk yet). I'd even give up all my shoes and bags for you. What have you done to me?

People tell me I've changed since having you. Whatevs. I think I'm a better person (sometimes) and appreciate things more. It's definitely made me realise how important family is. You've sent me a bit nutty too. I cried at the royal wedding, I often daydream about us running away to the countryside, I'm extremely over protective of you.

Just don't go telling people what a sap you've turned me in to, ok? Or you're grounded.

Lots of love
Mummy xxx

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  1. *grin* welcome to the club lovey *hugs* ..and the sappy thing? Yeah, get used to it ;op